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Scarves by Elissa


Hand painted Silk Scarves and Judaica



About the Artist



Lawyer, Liar, Pants on Fire!


Elissa Wellikson creates hand painted silk wearable and usable art in a variety of original designs and sizes. Vibrant and shimmering colors on luxurious washable silk makes these unique pieces of art spectacular to look at, easy to care for and sumptuous to wear.


Please contact Elissa at image004.



Designs include both representational images (flowers, animals, insects, plants, skylines, figures, landscapes) and abstract designs.


Scarves are available rectangles in sizes 8 by 54, 8 by 72, 12 by 60 and 15 by 60; and 30 by 30 inch squares.


Tallit are approximately 15 by 72 and 22 by 72.


Edited 2 December 2018